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DeNogla Academy feis


Our dancers' incredible results from recent competitions.

World Irish Dance
Championships 2024

Glasgow, Scotland
Under 11

34th- Erin Connolly

49th- Kayla Boland

All Ireland Irish Dance Championships 2024

Killarney, Ireland
Under 13

46th- Ava Plummer

Southern Region Oireachtas 2023

Dallas, TX
Under 15

22nd- Iliana Kane

Mid-Atlantic Region Oireachtas 2023

Philadelphia, PA
MARO 2023 back_edited.jpg
Under 8

2nd - Michael Veeneman

7th - Claire Cunningham

14th - Maddie Nagle

17th - Maeve Farrelly

Great Britain Irish Dancing
Championships 2023

London, England
Under 22

4th- Emily Grace

All Scotland Irish Dancing
Championships 2023

Glasgow, Scotland
Under 20

10th- Bryan White

North American Irish Dance Championships 2023

Nashville, TN
DA Nashville_edited.jpg
Under 8

10th - Michael Veeneman

World Irish Dance
Championships 2023

Montreal, Canada
DA Worlds little team_edited_edited.jpg
Under 11

9th - Fionn Ryan WMH 

14th - Luke Veeneman

All Ireland Irish Dance
Championships 2023

Killarney, Ireland
Under 17

26th- Ella McKeon

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